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Kenny and Lucie ready for the release

The Little Oreteti

This smaller book of 56 pages, beautifully illustrated and drawn from the big ORETETI document describes the 17 most important plants for the Maasai, or the ones they mostly use in their daily life, to feed, cure themselves and their animals, or for their rituals. It is meant for the Maasai youth and school children as a tool of transmission of an oral knowledge, which nowadays disappears so quickly that it might be soon forgotten. But it is also meant for all the people who would like to have a glimpse into the richness of the Maasai flora and culture.

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Kenny and Lucie ready for the release

Oreteti in the library of the famous Traveller’s Club in London

A copy of Oreteti has been placed in the Library of the renowned Traveller’s Club in London. They find the book 'fascinating and beautifully-illustrated’ have put it on the Library Table for ‘maximum visibility’. Here under, a photograph of the book as it now looks – with the Club’s ex-libris, and rubberstamp on the title-page. The classical head on the ex-libris and the stamp represents Ulysses, the ultimate traveller.

Kenny and Lucie ready for the release

One copy in the Central Library in Nairobi

Kenny and Lucie ready for the release

Official Presentation

Official presentation with Hon. Martin Moshisho Martine, deputy governor of Kajiado County.

Kenny and Lucie ready for the release


Invitation for the Official Presentation of Oreteti in Kajiado